Eligible participants

Can non-citizens of North Macedonia participate in the program?

At this point we do not offer a possibility for non-citizens of North Macedonia to participate in the program. However, we are hoping to make this possibility available in future.

Can individuals who are not members of local dance centers apply for the scholarship?

Yes, any individual who fulfills eligibility criteria can apply, even if he/her is not a member of a dance center.


What type of equipment should I own to be able to follow the classes?

The participants who are not living in Skopje, will be able to follow the classes at home or in the center in which they are members. However they should have a quality internet connection and zoom platform installed on their computers.

How long will the classes last?

The classes will last for two hours, of which 90min of efficient work.

When do we understand who is going to teach within the following month?

At the beginning of each month, the student’s coordinator will share with you a curriculum consisting of all the information, i.e. teachers, timetable, tasks, extra material, etc.

How will the core-group follow the classes?

The core-group of 30 people coming from Skopje will follow the program at Youth Cultural Center. The teachers will teach online, but the group will be together at YCC.

How will the teachers choose the participants at the second stage - the performance creation?

After phase #1 ends, the teachers will provide us with feedback and information conserning each student. They will later shortlst the dancers eligible to participate at the second phase.


How will the applications be evaluated?

The applications will be evaluated by a commision composed of: a representative of Beatrix Cultural Center, a representative of the U.S. Embassy in North Macedonia and a representative od Social-Cultural Space “Centar Jadro”. They will receive all the applications and choose 30 participants for the core-group from Skopje and a maximum of 15 people from other cities.

What should my motivational letter focus on?

Your motivational letter should give us an overview of your vision and goals concerning dance. However, we strongly recommend for you to include your ideas on how you plan to use all the knowledge in future, through your work. It is important for us to make sure that we will give the scholarship to participants who are strongly motivated to contribute to their community.

When do I have to upload my supporting documents?

The application opens od 10th of January and closes on 17th of January at 12:00AM.
By 00:00AM on 17th of January you should upload your documentation.

How should I send my video?

We will receive video-links from vimeo, youtube or google drive.
Other types of links (such as we transfer, share files, etc.) won’t be accepted.

When will we recieve results:

You can check the application timeline informatio on our website under the scholarship-information tab: