Our mission

The Virtual American Dance Academy is intended to bring a new, innovative approach in education, specifically targeting urban and hip-hop dance styles as fast-raising disciplines in the world and in the region through hybrid teaching modules of both online and in person models of work.

Target Participants

Our project is targeting youth, including young emerging, as well as established artists and teachers in performing arts to be actively included in all package activities. The project focuses on further education of currently active artists and teachers in dance, as well as further education of a larger scope of dancers within the territory of N.Macedonia, and a diversified audience of age, sex and interests.

Goal and Objectives

Understanding urban (hip-hop) culture as necessary in the development of a society that is trying to fit in the shoes of the world stage. This project aims to facilitate further development of already established platforms in performing arts, as well as development of new innovative approaches in creating artistic work, but also witnessing new artic forms.

Undertaking the necessary steps for development of the artistic scene, this project aims to contribute to:

a. Facilitated and accessible education,
b. Establishment of artistic residencies,
c. Creation of a bridge for knowledge exchange amongst international (U.S.A) and domestic artists (N.Macedonia)
d. Attracting new audience and educating the existing,
e. Empowering artists mobility and production in performing arts and
f. Human capacity building within existing dance institutions, thus strengthening the whole dancing community.